The node server provides the endpoints for compiling the data like css, js and svg.

Github: unglue-workflow/server


yarn add unglue-server


Node package

yarn --cwd node_modules/unglue-server/ run start

If you want to, you can add following code to your package.json to shorten the command to yarn start:

"scripts": {
    "start": "yarn --cwd node_modules/unglue-server/ run start"

Connect client to custom server

By default the client connects to the EC2 server instance.
Use the --server=localhost:3000 client option to connect to your custom server (#connect-to-another-server).


/compile/css: Compiles given scss and css code and transforms the code based on the given options. By default it transforms scss to css, applies autoprefixer and minifies the code with cssnano.

/compile/js: Compiles ES6 to ES5 code with babel and compresses es5 code with uglifyjs. The plugins can be turned on / off in the options.

/compile/svg-sprite: Combines multiple svg files into one svg "sprite" to be used with symbols. See for more information on how to use svg symbols.

You can find the full API Definition on SwaggerHub. Make sure to hit "Try it out" to see all the parameters and options that are available.


Some options like sourcemap or distFile options will be overwritten by the server.


Plugin Available options
autoprefixer autoprefixer options
cssnano cssnano presets

You can find an example request on SwaggerHub.


Plugin Available options
babel babel options
uglifyjs uglifyjs options

You can find an example request on SwaggerHub.


Plugin Available options
svgstore svgstore options

You can find an example request on SwaggerHub.

Install with GIT

  1. Clone the git repository.
    git clone unglue-server/

  2. Install dependencies
    yarn install

  3. Start the server
    yarn start